Architectural Expanded Metal

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Since 2016, international trends have been driving innovation in the architectural use of expanded metal. The trend began in parts of Northern Europe, and has been growing ever since. Architects everywhere are now beginning to realize the potential. Expanded metal has long been used in construction due to its structural features, durability, and visual impact. Read more »

Shifting Dynamics in Metals

Shifting Dynamics in Metals

During the last ten years, there have been significant changes in the outlook for industry in the Philippines. China, which until recently was the preferred site for off-shore manufacturing, has experienced very rapid increases in the average wage, and is beginning to have labor shortages due to a rapidly aging population. Manufacturing investment is beginning Read more »

Trade Tensions between Washington and China

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The Philippines is currently in negotiations with the United States after trade tensions between Washington and China have escalated due to substantial tarriffs on Chinese goods. Initial talks were held in November of 2017 after president Duterte met with U.S. president Trump during the ASEAN summit in Manila (Reuters). The Philippines has a distinct advantage Read more »

Fiber Lasers

Lasers have become one of the most useful tools in metal cutting.  The most recent technological development in laser cutting is the fiber laser.  Unlike the classical CO2 laser, a fiber laser generates the laser beam within a special optical fiber.  This provides unique capabilities, and certain advantages, over the CO2 laser:  Since the light Read more »