Fiber Lasers

Lasers have become one of the most useful tools in metal cutting.  The most recent technological development in laser cutting is the fiber laser.  Unlike the classical CO2 laser, a fiber laser generates the laser beam within a special optical fiber.  This provides unique capabilities, and certain advantages, over the CO2 laser:

  1.  Since the light is generated within an optical fiber, it can be easily conveyed to a moving head without complex optics
  2.  Because the fiber can have long active gain regions, very high power can be generated.
  3.  The wave guiding properties of a fiber reduce thermal distortion of the optical path.
  4.  Fiber lasers are more compact, have very high temperature and vibrational stability.
  5.  High peak power and nanosecond pulses enable better marking and engraving performance.

GDMPI operates both traditional and fiber laser equipment.  The choice of which method is best for a given application depends upon the type and thickness of the material and the particular job characteristics.